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Shop Feb 2008As a child I always had a strong desire to invent and make things with my hands.  My passion to design and create continued into my high school and college years and culminated when I received a degree in architecture in the mid 1990’s. Since graduating from college, I have spent 15+ years in the architectural field overseeing and managing multi-million dollar projects.  Even though my architectural career has brought me great success, I have always yearned for that hands-on joy that only woodworking can provide and have been making fine furniture on a commission-only basis for the past 20 years.

My design goal is to attain just the right equilibrium between form, function, art, and craft.  Over the years I have experimented with many different furniture styles and types, from custom Contemporary designs to early American Windsor chairs.  I enjoy working collaboratively in an interactive design process, creating pieces that fit a Client’s lifestyle and space, and above all function as a Client intended.  I put a great deal of thought into my furniture to make sure that each piece is well designed, gracefully proportioned, and constructed with the best materials and joinery.  I use hand-selected domestic and imported hardwoods, often accented with the use of additional materials such as glass, metal and appropriate hardware.

Having spent many years in the “rat race,” I now work alone in a small but fully equipped shop located on the grounds of my home.  It is here that I transform a fallen tree and shape its wood into what I hope will be an object of timeless beauty.  The transformation which is Woodworking–which is Creativity–which is Invention, brings me the greatest joy. I trust you will see this joy in my work.




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